Kitesurfing is an easy sport which gives you pleasure from the very beginning. However, to get to the riding level you need to accomplish few steps that cannot be skipped. All of our lesson and courses are focused on turning you into an independent kitesurfer. We have created few options to fit to your level and timescale. If none of those packages suits you, let us know and we can personalise the offer for you.

IKO level 1 (average duration 2h)

• Set up and pack the equipment

• Safety system use / pre-flight check

• Kite piloting (explore edge of wind window)

• One handed flying

• Launching and landing as pilot and assistant

IKO level 2 (average duration 4h)

• Enter and exit the water with control kite

• Water relaunch

• Body drags (downwind, power strokes, up wind, with board)

• Put on the board

• Water start (first riding)

IKO level 3 (average duration 4h)

• Riding and control speed by edging

• Riding up wind

• Sliding transition

• Self-rescue and pack down

Kitesurfing Courses & Packages Duration Price per Person
Private Beginner Package 10 hours 650 USD
Private Beginner/Intermediate Package 6 hours 400 USD
Private Lesson 2 hours 150 USD
Watching Lessonr 2 hours 100 USD

Beginner Packages consist of 3 sessions of 2 hours focused on providing you the basis to become autonomous in the water and each focusing on : Kite Control, Water Control and Freeriding

Equipment Rental Duration Price per Session
Full Equipment 2 hours 70$
Kite 2 hours 50$
Board 2 hours 20$
Harness 2 hours 10$

The rental of equipment is subject to Instructor approval and requires upwind cabability

Supervision & Rescue Duration Price per Person
Beach Fee (Pump, Safety Box, Fresh Water Rince) 1 Day 5$